Southold Candidates Secure Independent Line on November Ballot


“Sustainable Southold” calls attention to local issues and represents a platform specific to Southold Town.

September 18, 2015, Southold, NY – A group of local candidates, running for various town positions in the upcoming election, have announced that they have secured an independent line on the November ballot. The line, “Sustainable Southold,” ( gives the community an opportunity to vote for a specific local platform, as an alternative to voting on a party line.

“New York elections have a long history of independent lines,” said Damon Peter Rallis, candidate for Southold Town Supervisor on the Sustainable Southold line. “Here in Southold, back in 1993, candidates on a similar independent line, known as United Southold, swept the election. “ That line, Rallis said, was created to shine the light on party control of town hall.

“In a lot of ways, Sustainable Southold does the same thing,” Rallis said. “It draws on candidates from various personal and professional backgrounds who wish to restore balance here in Southold Town by committing to a personal mission statement and platform, rather than to a single party ideal.”

The candidates say that they were able to secure the new ballot line, through a required petition drive based on support from Southold voters.

“We found overwhelming support from town residents for this issue-based ballot line,” said town board candidate Debbie O’Kane. “We plan to tackle these issues with new and fresh ideas to find solutions that will sustain or improve the quality of life we all enjoy in Southold Town.”

According to O’Kane, some of the most pressing issues include overdevelopment, congested roads, degradation of our bays, creeks and drinking water, a lack of affordable housing, and the need for greater job opportunities.

“We chose to call the line Sustainable Southold because that’s what we need here in our town; sustainability,” said town board candidate Albie De Kerillis. “We need to find new ways to balance the needs of our residents and our business community, while protecting our natural resources.”

Rallis agreed. “For sustainability we need balance,” he said. “Unfortunately, when a single party becomes entrenched in the day-to-day operations of town hall, we lose that balance.”

Candidates on the Sustainable Southold line include Damon Rallis for Southold Town Supervisor, Albie De Kerillis and Debbie O’Kane for Southold Town Board, Nick Krupski and Matt Kapell for Southold Town Trustee, Linda Goldsmith for Southold Town Assessor, and Brian Hughes for Southold Town Justice.