On November 3 Vote for a Sustainable Southold


Sustainable (adjective)

The ability to last or continue for a long time.

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

We are fortunate to enjoy a unique way of life here in Southold Town.

Our quality of life defines us as a community and draws visitors from near and far.

Maintaining this quality of life requires that we honor our past, respect our present, and prepare for our future.

Using this road map, we can be vigilant in our commitment to support the common good.

Sustainable Southold represents a broad coalition of candidates with different personal and professional backgrounds, interested in creating a sustainable path to our future.

As candidates, we have created a platform that highlights the goals that we believe are necessary for a Sustainable Southold.

On November 3 Vote for a Sustainable Southold
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A Sustainable Southold meets both the present and future needs of its residents, its business community and its environment – striking a balance to maintain our unique quality of life.

A Sustainable Southold requires that all Town officials and employees exhibit sound fiscal management, transparent ethical conduct and personal accountability.

A Sustainable Southold strives for fair and balanced decision making, adoption of policies and enforcement.

A Sustainable Southold supports agriculture and encourages the use of best management and eco-friendly farming practices.

A Sustainable Southold commits to open space preservation as one tool in the fight to improve ground and surface water quality which are the keystones of our economy and environment.

A Sustainable Southold uses a mix of new and proven cost-effective technologies to provide paths for economic and job opportunities as well as restoration and conservation of our irreplaceable natural resources.

A Sustainable Southold contributes to clean and renewable energy generation and improved energy and conservation.

A Sustainable Southold fosters socio-economic diversity and incorporates a balanced mix of affordable housing strategies.

A Sustainable Southold recognizes the necessity of a coordinated approach to regional planning and problem solving with our other East End partners.

Meet Our Candidates

Damon Peter Rallis, candidate for Southold Town Supervisor

Debbie O'Kane, candidate for Southold Town Board

Albie De Kerillis, candidate for Southold Town Board

Nick Krupski, candidate for Southold Town Trustee

Matthew Kapell, candidate for Southold Town Trustee

Brian Hughes, candidate for Southold Town Justice

Linda Goldsmith, candidate for Southold Town Assessor